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What to Expect from Having a Pool Without a Screen Enclosure

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Screen enclosures may not be as crucial for an indoor pool, but there are countless reasons for Florida homeowners to have a screen enclosure for their swimming pool. Pool enclosures can keep leaves and other debris out of an outdoor pool, while also limiting exposure to harmful UV rays and helping to regulate temperature. The benefits are virtually endless, yet some homeowners may still opt to go without a screen enclosure for their swimming pool.

If you are on the fence about swimming pool enclosures, hopefully, this blog post from Florida Pool Enclosures will help you make up your decision. Below, we have outlined what homeowners can expect from having a swimming pool without a screen enclosure — and after reading, your decision should be clean-pool-water-clear.

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What You Can Expect

  • 1. Unwanted Debris, Increased Pool Maintenance

  • 2. No Protection from Harmful UV Rays

  • 3. No Pool Enclosure, No Privacy

  • 4. Exposure to Pests and Bugs

  • 5. Limited Resale Value

Leaves and Other Debris in Your Swimming Pool

One of the most common reasons pool owners decide to make the investment in a pool enclosure is to create a barrier between their swimming pool and the elements. Without outdoor pool enclosures, pools will likely receive a barrage of leaves and other debris — resulting in increased maintenance and even damage to your pump system. Further, rainwater can alter the pH of your pool, throwing it off of its established chemical balance. If you want to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning leaves and debris out of it, swimming pool enclosures from Florida Pool Enclosures are the way to go.

No Barrier Between UV Rays and Your Family

Anyone who has spent too much time lounging by the backyard pool in the Florida sun will tell you that UV rays are no joke. Without a pool enclosure, there is no barrier between the sun and those enjoying your outdoor pool — meaning swimmers and loungers alike are at an increased risk of the harmful effects of UV exposure. UV exposure isn't the only impact the sun can have on your pool without an enclosure: costs of temperature regulation can also go through the roof for those that opt for a pool free of an enclosure. Want to save money in the long term? Invest in a pool enclosure from Florida Pool Enclosures.

Lack of Privacy Without a Pool Enclosure

Though screen enclosures may be see-through to some degree, they still add quite a bit of privacy compared to no pool enclosure at all. Those without pool enclosures will be forced to be comfortable with neighbors and passer-by's peering in on them, whereas homeowners who opt for a pool enclosure can lounge, swim, and sun in peace. Further, a pool enclosure acts as a point of security — preventing criminals and other unwanted visitors from taking a dip in your pool. If you want to keep nosy neighbors and criminals away from your swimming pool, a pool enclosure is an absolute must.

Pests and Bugs in Your Pool Area

Evening swims in the summertime can be truly luxurious, but mosquitoes sure know how to ruin the party. Without a pool enclosure, mosquitoes are virtually invited to every afternoon pool party — with spiders, moths, and other unwanted pests also on the guest list. If you're looking to keep pests out of your pool and ensure that your pool area remains a relaxing oasis, invest in a pool enclosure from Florida Pool Enclosures.

Reduced Resale Value

Pool enclosures are an investment in every sense of the word. Sure, installing outdoor pool enclosures can be a costly home-improvement project — and the exact pool enclosure cost will vary depending on pool enclosure type — but it's an investment that pays off in spades when it comes time to sell your home. Pool and patio enclosures dramatically increase the value of a home, and homes without a pool enclosure will struggle on the market compared to those equipped with a custom pool enclosure.

25 Years of Pool Enclosure Expertise

If there's anyone who understands the extensive benefits of pool enclosures, it's the team at Florida Pool Enclosures. We have helped countless clients discover the advantages of a swimming pool enclosure, and we would be glad to help you decide if the investment in a swimming pool enclosure is the right choice for your outdoor pool. For more information about the benefits of pool enclosures and a free estimate on your new enclosure, dial (407) 260-2800 or complete our online contact form.


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