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Reasons You Need a Screened-in Patio in Central Florida

Updated: May 3, 2022

Thinking about adding a screen room to your home?

A screened-in patio is a great asset to add to your home here in Central Florida. Decorating your outdoor entertaining area allows you to take advantage of the wonderful weather and scenery central Florida has to offer year-round. A screen room or porch enclosure allows for this luxury while adding an extra layer of protection from mosquitoes and other insects that want to make their way into your home.

Florida Pool Enclosures custom screened patio and swimming pool cage in Central Florida

Add Value to Your Home With a Custom Screen Enclosure Get a Free Quote From Florida Pool Enclosures Now


For gatherings and parties, your screen room can easily be used as an extension of your central living area. An outdoor screen enclosure can provide more entertaining space without taking up any additional square footage inside your home. Trying to decide if a screened-in patio is right for your home? Here are some reasons you need a custom screen enclosure in your backyard.

Customized for Your Backyard Needs

The best part of having a screen enclosure is the ability to customize your outdoor living area. Customization allows you to match the screen enclosure with your existing pool deck and home. Any screen enclosure by Florida Pool Enclosures will not only look beautiful but will also be sturdy enough that no one will ever question its strength or structure.

If you are looking for a way to decorate or improve your home or pool area without spending a fortune, then this type of screen room is perfect for you. You can find them in mesh colors and styles that will coordinate with any decor scheme you have outside of your home.

If you would like something more eye-catching than our traditional aluminum structures, we invite you to look at our decorative column options! Often these can be matched with the exterior of your home for an elegant enclosure. Families that use their porches as entertaining spaces often decide on a different kind of decoration - namely ornamental columns in order to make them stand out even more aesthetically pleasing among their surroundings.

Raise Your Property Value

Pool screen enclosures add a great deal of beauty and function to your pool area both inside and outside in Florida. Your pool enclosure can be customized to fit any pool shape or size, while still maintaining its unique style.

Pool enclosures are a great way to add style and function to your Florida home. Not only do they help you keep cool, but pool screens also improve air quality by filtering out bugs! It's true that pools inside screen rooms need to be cleaned less often since there is little chance for dirt and debris from outside sources like trees or neighbors' lawns to fall inside. Adding a screen room to your property is not only beneficial for your pool, but also the value of your home. Time to be the most popular pool or porch in the neighborhood!

Make Your Backyard Better

Screen enclosures give you and your family access to an inviting pool and patio that is usable throughout the year. A screen enclosure will keep both your patio and pool clean by preventing debris from entering, as well as protecting your family from insects during those hot summer days! If you entertain, host parties frequently, or maybe just really enjoy your outdoor space, having a screened-in porch or pool extends your entertaining space for you and your guests at your home.

Florida Pool Enclosures provide a barrier between your pool and your yard, while still allowing maximum visibility for natural light to flow through the screen mesh material of our pool enclosures. We have been customizing pool screens for years to align with specific pool styles and tastes of homeowners in central Florida.

The exterior of our custom-designed panels provides all the protection needed for an enjoyable time at the poolside or backyard barbeque without worrying about bugs ruining your family's time outside. Those who purchase your home in the future will be happy that you have already made the investment in a screen room or pool enclosure for them already.

Florida Pool Enclosures: Central Florida Screen Experts

​​A screen room is a great addition to any backyard. Not only does it provide extra space for you and your family, but the value of your home will go up too! It can also be customized with furniture or decor that makes it feel like its own little oasis in the middle of nature. If you're thinking about adding one to your property, contact Florida Pool Enclosures today for more information on how we can make your yard better than ever before.


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