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Patio Season is Here! What to Expect from a Patio Without an Enclosure

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

While most of the year in Florida is "patio season," the best Central Florida weather of the year is on its way — which means more time spent enjoying your outdoor area. While a patio can be a great place to soak up some Florida sun, have outdoor gatherings, and enjoy meals while watching the sunset, a patio without a screen room enclosure limits your comfort and fun.

Between harmful UV rays, spots of bad weather, and swarms of pests, a Florida patio is not complete without a screened patio enclosure. Still, many homeowners choose to go without patio enclosures, and if you are considering whether you should install a screen room before patio season is in full swing then this blog is for you. Below, Florida Pool Enclosures has outlined what you can expect from having an outdoor living space without a screened patio enclosure.

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Take Your Patio to the Next Level.


What Can You Expect Without a Screen Room?

  • 1. Exposure to Harmful UV Rays

  • 2. No Protection from Debris

  • 3. Pests are Invited to the Party

Patios Without Enclosures are Exposed to More UV Rays

Florida is the Sunshine State, and its several hundred days of consecutive sunshine make it perfect patio weather for most of the year. While catching some rays in your outdoor area can be a major luxury, it can also be dangerous without a screen room or patio screen enclosure. Screens block 30-80% of the sun's harmful UV rays, meaning families and friends can spend hours in the sun with a reduced risk of its harmful effects. Even with a patio screen enclosure, don't forget to apply sunscreen!

Say Goodbye to a Maintenance-Free Patio

Without patio screen enclosures, outdoor areas are exposed to the elements and can accumulate an excessive amount of leaves, sticks, and other debris, meaning a maintenance-free patio is unattainable. With patio enclosures, debris is kept out of the patio area — and homeowners can spend more time enjoying their outdoor area and less time cleaning it. Patio screen enclosures from Florida Pool Enclosures are designed with structural integrity in mind, meaning they can withstand heavy Florida winds, rain, and other elements, keeping your outdoor living area protected year-round.

No Patio Enclosure = No Protection from Pests

Patio season might be approaching, but Florida mosquito season is a year-round event. Without a screen room, every outdoor patio gathering is inviting mosquitoes to the party — meaning you should invest in lots of bug spray! With screen enclosures, homeowners can enjoy day after day of peaceful outdoor time without swarms of mosquitoes and other insects invading the screen room. Patio screen enclosures also keep other animals from entering your patio area, so if you don't want pests and animals joining you on the patio: invest in a patio enclosure or screened porch from Florida Pool Enclosures!

Screened-In Patio: Is It Worth It?

The short answer: yes! If you want to stay protected from harmful UV rays, keep your outdoor living area free of debris, and enjoy your patio without swatting away mosquitoes, then screen rooms are entirely worth the investment. With patio enclosures, homeowners can get the most out of their outdoor space without worry — and a screened-in porch takes patio season to the next level.

25 Years of Custom-Designed Screened Enclosures

Florida Pool Enclosures has helped numerous customers find the perfect screen porch solution, and we take pride in our commitment to the highest-quality design and construction. Our sunroom solutions are installed professionally by our team of experts, ensuring that your porch enclosure will last for many patio seasons to come. For more information about a custom-designed screen enclosure solution, contact Florida Pool Enclosures by dialing (407) 260-2800. We look forward to finding the perfect screen enclosure for your needs!

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