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How a Screened Patio Can Help You Live the Central Florida Lifestyle

If you're a Sunshine State resident, then you know that living the Florida lifestyle is all about enjoying the great outdoors. What's better than spending a sunny day on the patio? Or grilling out with friends and family in your backyard? The answer is simple: a custom-designed screen room for your patio! With a screened patio enclosure from Florida Pool Enclosures, you can enjoy all that the Central Florida lifestyle has to offer, without worrying about maintenance, privacy, harmful UV rays, or pests.

In this blog, the team at Florida Pool Enclosures has outlined some ways that a screened porch enclosure can help you live the Florida lifestyle. Read on, and decide if you're ready to live the Central Florida lifestyle with a screened porch enclosure.

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How Patio Enclosures Help You Live the Florida Lifestyle

  • 1. Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Pests

  • 2. Great Visibility, Added Daytime Privacy

  • 3. Maintenance-Free Outdoor Living

Go Pest-Free with a Screened Porch

The "Florida lifestyle" refers to days spent in the sun and enjoying warm evenings with friends and family, but it also includes having to fight off mosquitoes and other pests! With patio screen enclosures, mosquitoes are kept out of the screen room so that you can enjoy the fun parts of the Florida lifestyle — without any of the annoyances. Another added benefit is that screen patio enclosures help to block out harmful UV radiation, so you can safely enjoy the Central Florida sun from your screened porch or patio year-round.

Improve Daytime Privacy with Maximum Visibility

When imagining the Florida lifestyle, some people think of being alone on a beach with no one around for miles. In a suburban neighborhood, however, this version of the Florida lifestyle is slightly different. With patio enclosures, homeowners can enjoy daytime privacy — and feel like they're in a remote location — while still enjoying the views of the great outdoors! Plus, even patio enclosures with a standard door keep criminals and other unwanted visitors from entering your patio area.

Limit Patio Maintenance with a Screen Room Enclosure

Despite the pleasures of living the Florida lifestyle, the truth is that an outdoor living space without a patio enclosure is bound to be covered in sticks, leaves, and other debris after an afternoon storm. With a screen room, debris is kept out of the patio area, limiting damage to outdoor furniture while also reducing the amount of cleaning and other maintenance you will have to do. Live the Florida lifestyle year-round and keep your patio maintenance-free with a patio screen enclosure!

Live the Florida Lifestyle with Florida Pool Enclosures

\Florida Pool Enclosures has been helping the Central Florida community live the Florida lifestyle for over 25 years, and are experts in screened rooms and screened patio enclosure solutions. Patio enclosures from Florida Pool Enclosures are designed, constructed, and installed with added structural integrity, ensuring they'll allow you to live the Florida lifestyle for many years to come.

To learn more about how Florida Pool Enclosures empowers the Florida lifestyle with screen rooms and patio enclosure solutions, contact us by dialing (407) 260-2800 or complete our contact form for a free patio screen enclosure estimate!


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