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Gable Roof Pool Enclosures in Central Florida: What You Need to Know

Updated: May 16, 2022

If you're in the market for a swimming pool enclosure, you may have come across the term "gable-style." Gable-style pool enclosures are gaining popularity across the state, largely due to their versatile, flat-roof design. When compared to the other styles of screen pool enclosures --- the mansard roof and the dome roof --- gable roof enclosures have a more angular, straight-forward design that makes them the perfect pool screen enclosure for many homeowners.

In this blog post, we'll outline everything you need to know about gable-style pool enclosures. We'll discuss the gable roof in detail, explain how they differ from the mansard roof and dome-roof styles, and why they might be the right choice for your Florida swimming pool.

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What is a Gable Roof Pool Enclosure?

A gable-style pool enclosure is a screen enclosure with a flat roof and walls, making it a much more simplistic design than the mansard roof or the dome roof. Because of its simplistic-yet-elegant design, the gable-style roof is a top choice for most swimming pool owners. Further, while dome roof and mansard roof screen enclosures allow for a spacious outdoor area, gable-style enclosures are the most open-air solution --- and help make an outdoor living space even more comfortable.

Benefits of Gable Roof Swimming Pool Enclosures

There are countless benefits of the gable-style pool screen enclosure. Firstly, the more traditional design of the gable roof makes it a prime choice for swimming pool owners who want more utilitarian pool screen enclosures that still complement the home's architecture. The gable-style roof enclosure is also the prime option for pool area protection for multi-story homes, offering height without sacrificing structural integrity. Lastly, the gable design's a-frame roof is free-standing, meaning it doesn't need to be attached to the home to be able to weather Florida's storms.

Is the Gable-Style Roof Design Right for You?

While there are several benefits to the gable roof style, the design is not for every homeowner. Those that want a more majestic pool screen enclosure might prefer the dome roof design, and pool owners looking for exceptionally wind-resistant screen enclosures might be drawn to the mansard roof (also known as the hip roof). No matter which of the enclosure roof design types you choose, Florida Pool Enclosures offers several options for colors and finishes --- ensuring your pool enclosure is perfect for your home.

Expert Gable Roof Installation from Florida Pool Enclosures

Still, need help figuring out if the gable roof design is right for your outdoor space? The experts at Florida Pool Enclosures are happy to help you make sure your pool cage design fits your home's architecture and protects your pool. For questions about gable-style enclosures, or to receive a free estimate, call Florida Pool Enclosures at (407) 266-2800 or complete our online contact form.


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