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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Pool Enclosure in Central Florida

Updated: May 1, 2023

It's no surprise that Central Florida (the sunshine state) is a popular destination for swimming pools. With our generally warm weather and high levels of humidity, it’s natural to want to enjoy your pool year-round. But how can you do that? One way is by installing a pool enclosure.

Pool enclosures are an effective way to protect your pool area from the elements while adding extra safety measures.

However, if you don't take the proper steps when installing one, you could be in for some costly surprises down the road. Here are some common mistakes Florida pool owners should avoid when installing a pool enclosure in Central Florida.

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Improper Site Preparation

The most common mistake made with any installation project is not properly preparing the site before beginning installation. It’s important to know what type of ground you’re working on and what kind of support the ground needs to properly hold up the structure. Without proper site preparation, your enclosure may end up being unstable and unsafe for use over time.

Incorrect Measurements

Another common mistake is taking incorrect measurements when ordering materials. This is especially true when it comes to pool enclosures, because they need to be custom-built and fitted perfectly in order to work correctly. If you make even a small mistake in your measurements due to human error or lack of experience, you may end up wasting money on unusable materials or having to pay extra for additional materials and re-installation costs later on down the line.

Choosing Poor-Quality Materials

Finally, another common mistake people make when installing a pool enclosure is choosing poor-quality materials just to save money upfront. While this might seem like an economical decision initially, these poor quality materials won't last nearly as long as higher-quality ones, meaning more frequent replacements and more money out of pocket in the long run. Additionally, these cheaper materials may not provide adequate protection against UV rays or other elements that can damage your pool enclosure over time, so it’s important to do some research beforehand and find out which materials will provide great protection without breaking the bank.

Not Getting Professional Help

Installing a pool screen enclosure is no easy task and requires special tools and knowledge that most homeowners don’t have access to. It’s important that you get professional help from an experienced installer who knows what they’re doing and can ensure everything is installed correctly and safely. This will save you time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes or mishaps during installation!

FPE: Your Local Custom Pool Enclosure Contractor

Installing a pool enclosure in Central Florida doesn’t have to be complicated or costly if you know what mistakes to look out for along the way! By ensuring proper site preparation and accurate measurements during installation, along with avoiding low-quality materials, you can guarantee that your pool will stay safe and secure year-round without having any unexpected costs pop up later down the line!

At Florida Pool Enclosures, we always strive for customer satisfaction. If you need any assistance with your upcoming project or have any questions about our services here at Florida Pool Enclosures, please don't hesitate to reach out today! We're here to help make sure your new pool enclosure project goes off without a hitch!


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