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5 Ideas to Elevate Your Screen Enclosure

If you're a homeowner lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you may also have a screen enclosure to protect your pool area from debris and insects. We see them all over here in Florida -- and while practical, these enclosures don't have to be boring or unsightly. With a little creativity, you can elevate your screen enclosure to transform it into a functional and stylish outdoor living space. We've got five ideas to help you elevate your screen enclosure and create a more enjoyable pool experience.

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Add Value to Your Home With a Custom Screen Enclosure


Add Plants and Greenery

One easy way to elevate your screen enclosure is by adding some plants and greenery. Not only will plants enhance the aesthetic appeal of your enclosure, but they can also provide shade, privacy, and even a natural wind barrier. You can add potted plants, hanging baskets, or even install planter boxes along the perimeter of the enclosure. For a more tropical feel, consider adding palm trees, banana trees, or other exotic plants. Just be sure to choose plants that can thrive in a pool environment and won't drop leaves or debris into the water.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform your screen enclosure into an inviting and functional space. Not only can it create a beautiful ambiance for nighttime swimming, but it can also improve safety and security. You can install string lights, landscape lighting, or even underwater LED lights for a unique look. You can also consider installing motion-sensor lighting to deter unwanted guests or critters from entering your pool area. With the right lighting, you can make your screen enclosure a place to relax, entertain, and enjoy your pool day or night.

Incorporate Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can make your screen enclosure feel more like an outdoor living room. Whether you choose a sleek sectional sofa, comfortable chairs, or even a hammock, outdoor furniture can provide a comfortable place to relax and enjoy your pool area. You can also add a table for snacks and drinks or even a built-in bar for entertaining. Just be sure to choose furniture that can withstand the elements and won't be damaged by exposure to sun, rain, or pool chemicals.

Add Water Features

Water features can add a soothing and luxurious element to your screen enclosure. Consider adding a fountain, waterfall, or even a small pond or stream to your pool area. These features not only look beautiful, but they can also provide natural white noise to help you relax and unwind. You can also add a poolside shower or misting system to cool off on hot summer days.

Upgrade Your Pool Equipment

Upgrading your pool equipment can not only improve the function of your pool but can also enhance the appearance of your screen enclosure. Consider upgrading your pool pump and filter system to improve water circulation and filtration and to reduce energy costs. You can also add a pool heater to extend your swimming season or a pool cover to protect your pool from debris and evaporation. Upgrading your pool equipment can not only make your pool more enjoyable but can also increase the value of your home.

Design Your Outdoor Living Space with Florida Pool Enclosures

Your screen enclosure doesn't have to be a basic and uninspired addition to your pool area. With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform it into an outdoor space that is both functional and beautiful. By adding plants, lighting, furniture, water features and upgrading your pool equipment, you can elevate your screen enclosure to make your pool area more enjoyable and relaxing. Not only will these ideas enhance your outdoor space, but they can also increase the value of your home. So, get creative, call Florida Pool Enclosures, and start elevating your screen enclosure today!

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