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Over the years we have received hundreds of letters just like these. And each letter is so cherished that we post them all on our office walls for everyone to see. Any company can say they do a great job… but we will let our customers speak of our commitment to you.

Professional, sincere, and caring

Dear Alex,


The screened enclosure and my driveway looks amazing. I am always receiving compliments!

I definitely made the right choice selecting your company (the best). Not only were your estimates completely fair, you were so professional, sincere, and caring. My aunt was also very impressed with the workers efforts and courtesy.

Thank you very much for a beautiful job well done.

Donna W.

Extremely pleased

Dear Alex,

Your crew installed our screen enclosure over the past 3 days. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the outcome. We would like to particularly commend Rick and Keith for their work ethic, courtesy, and quality of work.

It is nice to see there are still dedicated craftsmen that take pride in their jobs.

Bob & Phyllis Reid


You all did a SUPER job with my pool enclosure! Thanks so much!

Tia S.

Professional service

Florida Pool Enclosures, Inc.

Thank you for your professional service.

You guys are great!
A. P.

Dedicated and knowledgeable

Dear Sir:

Florida Pool Enclosures Inc.,

I take this time to write this letter of appreciation because I feel it is necessary that four of your workers be recognized for their work ethic, dedication, knowledge and “can do” attitude which is a rarity in today’s world.

As a resident of Plantation Oaks, Flagler Beach, we were part of the Florida Mitigation & Enhancement Program and had the pleasant opportunity to become acquainted with Doug, Sam, T,J., and Colton. All four are excellent workers that you, as owner of a retail company, can be very proud of. They are a true asset to your company.

Douglas M.

Professional and clean

Florida Pool Enclosures,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work done by your employees that recently tore down and replaced my pool enclosure.

Both crews showed up when scheduled and did a quality job. They were very professional and made sure the work area was cleaned up.

Even though I had to wait to get my new pool enclosure, I would definitely recommend your company to m friends and acquaintances.

Kathleen M.

Enclosure looks great


Sorry for the delay. I misplaced your business card.

The pool screen enclosure looks great. Thank you so much. We had our first holiday party outside and we will have another after Christmas.

Best regards,

Quick & efficient

Florida Pool Enclosures Inc.,

Very pleased with the work. Quick & Efficient.

John E.

Excellent job!

Florida Pool Enclosures,

Your installers did an excellent job!

Thank you,
Linda W.

Quick and efficient

Florida Pool Enclosures,

Thanks for the great job you did rebuilding our pool screen enclosure. We appreciate the quick and efficient job you did getting it up. It looks great!

The N. Family


To Mike (Florida Pool Enclosures)

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that Larry Rocque has provided us with A JOB WELL DONE!!!

He paid every attention to detail and made sure we were SATISFIED with the job he delivered.

I would highly recommend Larry for future work in my home. I want to also thank Florida Pool Enclosures for follow up on their promise to take care of the ceiling repair work.

I would recommend your services in the future.

Thank you,
John M.

Quality workmanship

Dear Mike,

Waiting for a pool enclosure is not so bad when we consider the quality of the workmanship which was provided by Rich and Jessie.

They did an excellent job. They were polite and timely. Our enclosure is better now than it ever was. They cleaned up after finishing the job and offered the services of Florida Pool Enclosures for any future needs.

It is a pleasure to deal with professionals such as these young men.

Thank you,
William H.

Very satisfied

Dear Mr. Michael Delahoz

Florida Pool Enclosures

I’m sending this letter to let you know that we are very satisfied with the quality work your company did in our pool enclosure, please share this with your team.

Carlos B.

Very pleased

Florida Pool Enclosures,

Many thanks for a first class job. We are very pleased with our new enclosure.

John D.

Honorable company

Dear Alex,

I would like to take this time to thank you for the three Raised Seal Surveys that arrived in the mail yesterday. Thank you for being an honorable man, and a man of your word.

I have enjoyed my enclosure this past summer and the fact that I do not get leaves in the pool any more. I get plenty of compliments on its size and its look.

I do have one screen that has rippled up in two adjacent corners and one screw that is missing. If one of your men is nearby please ask that they stop by to fix it. I am in no hurry for this fix.

Thank you, again for your kindness and understanding in the survey issue.

Diane G.

Excellent work

Mr. Delahoz,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work that all of your people have done on our new pool enclosure. No wonder Hurricane Charley took our old one down! There was no comparison to the quality and workmanship of our new one.

As a Land Surveyor, I appreciate structural design, engineering and knowledgeable installation. I would especially like to commend and thank Anthony Hood. You should be proud of your staff and the creation of another happy customer.

Gary R.

A job well done

Dear Mr. Delahoz,

Florida Pool Enclosures Inc.,

As we exchanged letters and telephone calls over “finalizing” my pool enclosure, I stated many times that I hoped we would be able to reach a point where I could give your company a positive endorsement for a job well done.

There was some initial difficulty in understanding what was expected with regards to repair of my roof tile, but once you understood what I was asking for, you made sure it was taken care of.

With my roof repaired and your company pain in full for the installation of the screen, I am ready to write that “favorable” letter.

Donald P.

Outstanding attention to detail

Florida Pool Enclosures,

This letter is a commendation for two of your employees who installed our pool enclosure that was destroyed during the hurricanes of 2004.

The employees are:
Wesley Hebrock and Roberto Rivera.

Their attention to details to make sure everything fit right was outstanding. Their pleasant attitude to answer all my questions and to change or fix anything that I did not like was outstanding. Their knowledge and workmanship of the job was also outstanding.

We are very satisfied with the installation of the pool enclosure.

Barbara M.
Cal H.

Excellent customer service and work

Dear Mr. Delahoz:

On Thursday March 28th, I spoke to you about a solar panel that your crew accidentally damaged. I call All Solar to give me quote on how much it might cost and the quote was $125.00. I told you what the quote was and you were very kind to let us deduct that amount from our bill. All Solar was able to come out later that afternoon and fixed the panel. They only charged for the service call. I am enclosing a check for $15 that I owe you.

My husband & I want to thank you 1st for taking care of the solar panel problem quickly. 2nd your crew who rescreened our pool enclosure are excellent. I wish all companies had employees who had great work ethic and cared about the quality of the work they do.

I most certainly will recommend your company and will absolutely have you do work for us again.

Thank you again for excellent customer service and work.

Yours truly,
Betty A.
Orlando, Florida

Outstanding job

Dear Mike,

Thanks so much for the outstanding job that you and your team along with Rey and his team from Empire Foam did in refurbishing my pool enclosure. It is rare that you find a business owner who is so committed to his company’s reputation that he eagerly stands behind his company and service like you have done. As you know, the original work that was done on my pool enclosure’s foam trim had some serious construction flaws which over time significantly detracted from the quality of the installation and the overall appearance. Without question, you personally came out to inspect the concerns I had shared with your office staff and immediately committed to resolve the issues and damage. The finished product is now a “showcase” that you and your team can be completely proud of. My wife and I are thrilled with the new look and have bragged about it to all of our friends and family. We do quite a bit of entertaining in our home since I serve on several boards in our community and the feedback we have received from visitors has been so very positive.

You have earned my full respect for how you handled this matter and I will be one of your most loyal advocates in this market. You are welcome to use photographs of the installation along with this letter of testimonial and recommendation. If you ever need to bring a prospective customer to view some of your finished work, all you need to do is give me a call at 407.230.6535. Again, thanks and may you continue to achieve success in your reputable business.

Louis Carrion
Windermere, Florida

I couldn’t be happier

Dear Mr. Delahoz,

My home needed to have an oversized, two-story pool enclosure installed. I called many companies, but few would even take on such a large screen enclosure. Then by chance a co-worker was having an enclosure installed by your company and recommended I call Florida Pool Enclosures.

I made that call and I’m glad I did! I now have a pool enclosure that receives rave reviews from everyone visiting our home. Your company did a great job and I couldn’t be happier.

From the first representative who gave us an estimate, to the person who did the architectural measurements, to the install team – everyone was professional and qualified. I need to highlight your install team, they couldn’t have been better. Every question we had they were able to answer and when we had a concern, they made sure it was resolved.

I guess the strongest recommendation I can make about Florida Pool Enclosures is that “it is a company I would go back to if I needed to have another screen enclosure installed!” If someone is undecided about using Florida Pool Enclosures, have them take a look at what you did for me and let me talk to them. I think they will soon discover that Florida Pool Enclosures is a quality company and should be their first choice.

My wife and I both thank you and your employees for a job well done!

Don P.

Outstanding professionalism and service

Dear Mr. Delahoz,

I am writing to commend the outstanding professionalism and service provided by Jim Reid during a service issue I contacted him about several months ago. I intended to write this letter at the time of the service but am just now addressing this from my “things to do” list.

I had originally contacted Florida Pool Enclosures in regard to my soffits rotting due to the roof seal being broken during installation. Jim met the roofing company and myself at my home to survey and discuss the situation. I must admit that I was not optimistic that he would take responsibility for the damage and so was quite surprised by his commitment to repairing the damage as well as his loyalty to your company.

Mr. Delahoz, I work with business owners everyday and Jim did a fantastic job representing your company. He was professional, responsible, reasonable and coordinated with the roofing company to make sure that the repair was completed in a timely manner. Every business owner that I know would love to have a “Jim Reid” representing their business.

Due to the outstanding customer service Jim and your company provided throughout the repair, I am extremely happy to refer my neighbors and friends to your company. My best wishes for your continued success.

Sincerely yours,
Matt F.

A pleasure to work with

Dear Alex Delahoz

Florida Pool Enclosures Inc.,

I just wanted to say, thank you for being honest with me. Thank you for keeping your word. You service was very professional.

I am pleased to know that finally there is a company in the state of Florida that still takes pride in their work. I say this because I have encountered many tough times with different companies since I purchased my new home here in 2001. My personal opinion is that there aren’t many companies that stand by their word or their work for that matter. As a new home owner here in Florida it’s not easy to find good service.

You and your company Florida Pool Enclosures Inc., have been a pleasure to work with. You guys broke the mold.

I will refer your services to anyone in need of a pool enclosure.

I will be your sales person. Hey I lived it I can sell it!

Thank You Again,
Alice P.

Careful planning, class, and style!

Dear Miguel,

Florida Pool Enclosures

It was wonderful to see all the Delahoz clan at the golf outing. Like everything else you do, it showed your careful planning, class, and style! Obviously everyone enjoyed it immensely. That certainly includes my friend Fred and Me. Thank you very much for such a fun day.

Also, your gratis repairs on our screen enclosure were not expected but very much appreciated. Especially considering Alex made a special trip out here to survey the situation.

When the time comes for a complete replacement, we will call again, ONLY if you put, at best, a modest discount that allows you to recover all expenses. Remember, we ARE capitalists! We believe in Profit!

Hope to see you all very soon and Happy Easter…. Much love and best wishes,

Peyton E.

Very professional and service-oriented

Mr. Delahoz,

Florida Pool Enclosures

Several weeks ago I wrote to you regarding the defective rubber seals in the patio sliders your company installed at my home. I asked when I could expect to have the seals replaced.

Since that time, I have spoken to Gene, your production manager. He visited my home on August 6th to inspect the seals and immediately assured me that they would be replaced. He contacted me less than a week later to explain her had ordered the new seals and would schedule time to perform the replacement as soon as they arrived.

Yesterday, August 25th, Gene called to tell me a technician was on the way to my home to make the repairs. When I arrived home later that afternoon, I was very pleased to see that the work had been completed. The technician left me a note explaining what had been done, and also noted to give Florida Pool Enclosures a call if I experience any more problems with the installation. This was a very professional, service-oriented touch, and I appreciate it. Everything appears to be repaired, and I expect these new seals to last for many years.

Although I am quick to bring problems to the attention of service and product providers, I am also just as quick to extend kudos when appropriate. As I noted above, Gene and his team were very professional and obviously very service-oriented. I truly appreciate the effort they made to ensure I was satisfied with the work. At this point, I would not hesitate in recommending Florida Pool Enclosures to anyone.

Best regards,
Charles S.

Thrilled with my pool enclosure

Dear Mr. Delahoz:

Florida Pool Enclosures

I wrote you a letter when I had concerns prior to getting my screen enclosure installed. So, I felt it only appropriate to write you a letter after the completion of my installation. As I stated in my original letter, I interviewed several companies prior to making my decision to go with Florida Pool Enclosures. I also talked with several individuals as to who they would recommend. Based upon my initial experience with your company and the fact that everyone said that your company was worth the wait, I choose Florida Pool Enclosures.

I am delighted to share with you that I am glad that I did. I am thrilled with my pool enclosure in every respect and I thought you would like to know the reasons why. Of course the craftsmanship is good, but every job involves so much more than that; the people, those individuals who come to your home, representing your company and who the consumer is so desperately hoping are skilled and dedicated to doing a good job.

I would like for you to know that the gentlemen you sent to my home were not only skilled and dedicated, but were courteous and very patient with all my questions and concerns. You may also find it interesting to note that every one of the gentlemen had only positive comments about the company that employs them and the man who owns and operates that company.

I sincerely thank you for sending John Strader, Wesley Hebrock, Shane Fluharty, and Sam Finlaw to my home. I can assure you that I have become on of the many satisfied customers of Florida Pool Enclosures and will be delighted to recommend your company to anyone.

Judy T.

Absolutely amazing

Dear Mr. Delahoz:

This letter is regarding one of your employees, Mr. John Lopez. I cannot rave enough about his professionalism. From the first time we met to the time we went to contract, he has been absolutely amazing and quite impressive! The way he showed me his binder with his credentials, letters from customers, pictures of the work your company has done. Just amazing!

You see, I am from New York City and I have worked in the business field in the city for many years and since I have moved down to Florida, no one has displayed that type of “Business Attitude” to me. People here (no offense) seem a little bit laid back and delay in returning phone calls. To me, that in itself is a turnoff. But I cannot say that about John Lopez. He is exceptional, polite and is just so personable! I am definitely pleased to be doing business with a company such as yours with people like John who return phone calls immediately and is just so professional!

Please pass this not on to him as he deserves more than a pat on the back. Not to mention the follow-up phone call I received from a female from your office thanking me for doing business with Florida Pool Enclosures a few days after we signed and went to contract.

It just makes me feel all the more safe for doing business with your company other than with someone else!

Alice R.

Great work!

Dear Delahoz:

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your staff and in particular Gene Szara and Rick Wishon, who was the head installer at my home. I don’t know the other gentlemen that were ar my house and I certainly don’t want to exclude them from my complements and thanks in writing this letter.

I want to especially thank you and your staff for the great work that they did on a very difficult job and the results that they achieved. I want to give special thanks to Gene Szara who I dealt with by phone and in person on a couple of occasions and a special thanks to Rick Wishon, the head installer at my house. I am sure the other gentlemen were excellent in their work, however, I don’t know their names at this time. I want you to please thank them for me and I do hope this letter will serve to five some type of special consideration to the gentlemen involved at my home. I do hope that you show this letter to them since I feel that every good deed should not go unnoticed and certainly every job well done should not go without compliments.

I actually talked with you on one occasion, since there was a long lag time between the huricane and the actual repair of my pool enclosure, and I certainly understand that you were very backed up with all of the jobs that were as a result of the hurricane damage.

Once again, thank you and your staff and I hope that the rest of the year goes well for you.

Ron L.