Screen Enclosure: Different Types & Styles

Your Screen Enclosure Needs Style, We Have Style!

There are many different types of screen enclosures. But the most effective screens are custom fabricated to exactly fit your needs and specifications. We can custom design your screen enclosure to match the architecture of your home, making it seamless and purposeful all at once. Using our experienced sales team, veteran layout and engineering department and proven fabrication system, our installation process is able to assist in the following:

Shed Style Screen Enclosure – This is a great choice for two-story homes with the need to enclose top to bottom. The enclosure will start off high, against the home, and slant down in a single angle toward the outside of the pool area. This could be built large enough to match the height of the second story of a home. This style gives you a great sense of space and openness. With this style, you can grow ornamental trees, such as banana trees in your enclosure to make it a tropical paradise.

Hip Style Screen Enclosure – This type of enclosure has an elongated peak and the angles mimic that of a house roof. These steep sides are good for leaf and needle shedding and also style nicely with homes. Hip style screen enclosures are great for one and two-story homes meaning you get the height and the space needed for entertaining and landscaping.

Gable Style Screen Enclosure – This type of enclosure mimics the build of the Hip style screen enclosure with it’s elongated peak, but the angles mimic that of a barn roof. Also good for shedding of leafs and needles. This style is recommended for joint & connecting sections of enclosures and work very well with solid & insulated roofing. This style is not ideal for second story homes but look great on ranch and flat roof style homes!

Mansard Style Screen Enclosure – Mansard style screen enclosures, angled on all sides and flat in the middle are a very classic style and have great architectural integrity, style and sense of openness. The mansard roof has a flat main area, which looks great paired with homes. The slanted run-off roof panels are located on all sides which then meet the walls of the enclosure giving it a strong and timeless look. This style is great for two-story and one-story homes!

Half Mansard Style Screen Enclosure – This roof type is basically the same as the Mansard, but instead meeting the home with a downward slant, the roof is met with part of the flat of the roof. This connection is ideal for two-story homes with minimal overhang from the shingle roof. Given this unique structure’s flat and angled lines, it too has a timeless look.

Dome Style Screen Enclosure – This is the “Classic” screen enclosure style. Many homes across Central Florida sport this style, giving them a seamless and useful space to enjoy their pools. From it’s walls, the roof gradually rises to a peak, making an arched inclined. This is an attractive and uncomplicated screen enclosure roof structure. Get yours with or without a lower horizontal chair-rails for a better view, and panel spaces 16′ to 17′ feet wide and beyond.

We also offer decorative columns that are also fabricated to your specific enclosure and structure. These add a touch of class and architectural charm to your pool screen enclosure. Getting your pool screen enclosure project started has never been easier. Simply fill out a form or call our office to receive a free on site estimate! Ask your sales representative about these features and more by calling (407)260-2800